The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association is an independent organization founded to offer and promote effective anti-doping programs in boxing and mixed martial arts.

Through voluntary participation, VADA aims to help protect the health and safety of athletes who are willing to demonstrate their commitment to clean sport.

VADA will provide confidential counseling and referral assistance to athletes at risk for performance enhancing drug and harmful supplement use.

VADA aspires to educate participants, commissions and the public about the risks of using performance enhancing drugs as well as the benefits of utilizing effective nutrition and training practices.


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Possible New Breakthrough in hGH Detection

A research breakthrough using the insulin-like growth factor IGF-1 as a biomarker could produce a better test for human growth hormone, anti-doping experts said Wednesday.

Research appearing in the latest issue of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry showed measuring IGF-1 could increase the detection of HGH doping by greatly enhancing the precision of laboratories.

The measurement uses a chemistry technique known as liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry and builds upon existing tests for HGH.

Researchers from five laboratories in three nations led by US Anti-Doping Agency physician Larry Bowers and funded by the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) began working in 2011 on more precise test methods for HGH.